Viral Video: 14-Year-Old Girl's Eyebrow Dance Amazes Web

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Sarah is just a regular 14-year-old girl with an incredible knack for moving her eyebrows. Miraculously enough, she's slowly becoming the next YouTube sensation.

It's a short clip, but this little lady is gaining thousands of viewers and tons of copycat videos that will no doubt kick off the 2012 viral video frenzy.

Meet Sarah! A 14-year-old Australian darling who has rocketed to the top of YouTube and media pages with her techno-funky eyebrows. She can not only do the usual lifts, but an entire wave with her brow muscles. Pretty impressive for brow-challegened individuals like myself.

Watch Sarah's crazy eyebrow dance and tell us if you attempted to contort your face like she does. We couldn't resist!


 Photo: Video Still
Viral Video: 14-Year-Old Girl's Eyebrow Dance Amazes Web.
Photo: Video Still
Terra/Marilyn Dominguez