november 15, 2012 • 08:02 PM • last update 08:03 PM

US & Mexico Sign Agreement Against Trafficking of Cells

Mobile phone theft is on the rise as the devices have become an integral part of peoples lives.
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The world of illegal trafficking is dark, dangerous and consumed by the shady cross-border flow of contraband such as narcotics, human beings, firearms and …cellphones?
That’s right, cellphones.
If your iPhone, Blackberry or even your non-smartphone gets stolen, there’s a chance it might end up in the hands of someone in Ciudad Juárez, Reynosa or some other town south of the border.
To put a stop to cases of grand theft cellular, U.S. and Mexican officials signed a bilateral agreement earlier this week aimed at preventing the use of the use of stolen mobile telephones. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission and Mexico's Secretariat of Communications announced that they will begin to share databases of stolen phones to prevent reactivation in both countries.

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