Two killed when bus hits overpass at Miami airport

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A tour bus slammed into an overpass at Miami International Airport on Saturday, fatally injuring two passengers, an airport official said.

 Photo: Gaston De Cardenas / Reuters
Miami International Airport Police and fire rescue personnel investigate the crash of a tour bus containing 30 passengers that struck an overpass at the Miami International Airport, Florida December 1, 2012. At least one person was killed and the seven injured were taken to a hospital.
Photo: Gaston De Cardenas / Reuters

The accident occurred as the large bus headed into the arrivals section in the lower level of the airport at 8 a.m., said airport spokesman Marc Henderson. Buses that size do not normally go there, he said.

One person was killed when the top of the bus hit the overpass and a second died later at a hospital, he said.

Authorities are trying to determine why the bus entered an area with low overhead clearance. The driver may have been lost or confused, Henderson said.

The overpass had a clearance of eight feet and six inches, Henderson said. The bus was about nine feet tall, he said.

The 32 passengers were seated at a higher level than the driver, who was questioned by police after the crash, Henderson said.

A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue dispatcher said 27 people were transported to various hospitals. Most of the injured were able to walk away from the bus, she said.

Authorities did release the identity of the victims.

Miami police and fire officials are investigating what led to the crash.

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