Truck Runs Red Light, Collides Into Motorcycle (Video)

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Motorcycle enthusiasts aren't afraid of showing their love for their bikes. Daredevils can often be seen on the streets testing out their moves. In this latest viral video, these bikers faced something they should have expected, a red-light runner.

There is no shortage of videos on YouTube of guys and gals showing off their motorcycle riding skills. Sometimes they practice risky or dangerous moves on private lots and others take their extreme love for their sport to public areas.

The latest viral craze beginswith some regular Joes riding down St. Louis streets. They showcase their best moves during their joyride. One rider is the main attraction, while others go along with his shenanigans. Another rider records the entire ordeal with a camera that is strapped on to his helmet. It's not something they should be doing in public areas, but they are, for the most part, adhering to the lights and avoiding other vehicles.

At the 2 minute marker, the main rider speeds up, positions the motorcycle to drive on one wheel, and places his feet on his seat. As he approaches a green light, he slows down, assumes the correct driving position, and crosses the intersection. The rider with the camera mounted on his helmet is not so fortunate.

A truck runs a red light and drives straight into the camera-wearing cyclist. After whirling about for a bit, the cyclist rests on the side of the road with his bike next to him. He's holding his leg and crying out in pain. The rest of the video shows the reaction of the aftermath of the incident.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the driver and cyclists' reaction to the accident.

Truck Runs Red Light, Collides Into Motorcycle (Video).
Truck Runs Red Light, Collides Into Motorcycle (Video).
Photo: Video Still
Terra/Marilyn Dominguez