Texas: Saggy Pants Banned from Bus System

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A new strict policy prohibits any passenger from boarding a bus with "saggy" pants that exposes their underwear or buttocks.

Although the saggy pants fashion has been around for more for a while, linked to prison attire and hip- hop culture, the Transportation Authority in Ft. Worth has considered it to be disrespectful and want nothing of it on the publice transportation system.

Do you find it offensive or just a fashion trend?

No snaggy pants has been addes to the state's dress code policy in where shirts and shoes are required in order to ride public transportation. The dress code is very similar to many school policies.

Bus riders have complained that it does not look good when one's pants are below the buttocks. The bus driver will be able to make the decision if the pants are approppriate or not.

The city has even placed signs in city buses, reading "Pull 'em up or find another ride."

Yet not everyone is happy with the new policy some passengers are complaining that the system is trying to dictate what they can and can't wear.

How do you feel about the bus system dress code?

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