Teen Claims to Have Been RapedBy the Family Dog

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I'm sure people are going to claim that dogs are just as good as humans, but how could this really happen??

Investigators are doubting the fact that a dog raped the 13 year old boy.

According to reports the boy suffered bleeding injuries and had to undergo surgery.This unusual complaint was made in recent days by his mother to the police. The woman said she found her son crying in his room and told her, he had been raped by the family dog.

The teen stated that the dog attacked him in the courtyard of the house, but police found no evidence of struggle.There were no scratches or bites that could corroborate his statement.

The incident does not make sense, the police plan to conduct investigations of family members and friends.

Do you really think that a teenager could have been raped by his dog? Or could it be a cop out?

Photo: Jupiter
Terra USA/ Farah Chajin