Reporter's On-Air Gaffe Leads To Hilarious Viral Video

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Ashton Altieri, a meteorologist for Denver, Colorado's 9News, may want to practice some theatrical exercises before he attempts to congratulate his male colleague live on-air again.

After reporting on the chilly temperatures in Colorado, Ashton Altieri wanted to send a warm congratulations to his fellow colleague, Aaron Matas, but something went terribly wrong.

'Aaron, again congratulations on your big hooters ... ah, Hoosiers win. Wow, that was a slip of the tongue,' Altieri stumbled over his words.

The news anchors could not contain themselves and quickly broke out with laughter. Aaron Matas took the comment gracefully, while Altieri attempted to regain his composure.

Overall, a very funny news blooper that will be added to our long, long list.

 Photo: Video Still
Reporter's Congratulations Gaffe Leads To Hilarious Viral Video.
Photo: Video Still
Terra/Marilyn Dominguez