Police Officer Takes Down Drunk Girl At DC Metro Station (Video)

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A metro police officer in Washington D.C. had a run in with a drunk female that didn't go very well. Aftertelling her to leave the station, things got a little rowdy. Watch the video of the take down and decide if it was justified.

It sounds like everyone is crying out police brutality these days, but are some cases really worth getting a closer look. Our workers were torn on the issue. Are police over stepping their boundaries or do citizens need to learn to respect authorities?

The incident took place on September 16, so it's not necessarily fresh. Still, the topic is one that always causes some commotion.

According to reports, the police officer approached the allegedly drunken female when she was acting 'disorderly' near the fare machines. He asked her to leave the station and she did so, for a while at least. After she reentered the station, he asked her to leave again and that's where the video below kicks off.

An argument ensues and the girl heatedly walks away. At that point, he follows the girl calling her back and then pulls her shoulder or hair, taking her down to the ground. Police reports depicted the incident in a different light.

'The officer decided to place the woman under arrest. While attempting to place handcuffs on her, she pulled her arm away, and when the officer reached for her other arm, she tripped over the officer's foot, and they both fell to the ground. The officer dropped his handcuffs during the fall and attempted to restrain the woman as he reached for the handcuffs.'

Did the police officer get out of control or was the girl just drunk and disorderly?

Police Officer Takes Down Drunk Girl At DC Metro Station (Video).
Police Officer Takes Down Drunk Girl At DC Metro Station (Video).
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