Mexico City Hopes to Attract Gay Tourism

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Mexico has traditionally been a conservative Catholic country but Mexico City has developed a popular and vibrant gay scene in recent years.

Gay tourism is seen as a valuable asset to cities. In the US, it is estimated that the yearly economic impact of gay and lesbian visitors is $70 billion.

Mexico City tourism minister Alejandro Rojas is planning for the increase in gay tourism that he says will result from the city's recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

Tourism officials in Mexico say they hope to attract gay couples who want to marry in the capital city.

According toPress Association, Alejandro Rojas, the city's tourism secretary, said: "Mexico City will become a centre, where (gay) people from all over the world will be able to come and have their wedding, and then spend their honeymoon here.

"We are already in talks with some travel agencies that are planning to offer package tours that include flights, hotels, guides, and everything they need for the wedding, like banquets. We are going to become a city on a par with Venice or San Francisco."

Rojas says that the city will be investing 100 million pesos into a new gay-friendly hotel in the Zona Rosa and will support the development of other businesses that cater to the GLBT market.

Mexico City will become a truly 'gay friendly'city, one in which all GLBT people can live and visit with safety, dignity, and joy.

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