Mentally Disabled U.S. Citizen Deported, Is Suing the Gov't

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Mark Lyttle, a U.S. citizen with a mental disability who was wrongfully deported to Central America, is now filing a lawsuit.

Although the federal government has admitted it mistakenly deported a North Carolina native in 2008, but it continues to insist the man is to blame.

The ACLU on Wednesday filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mark Lyttle, who settled near Atlanta after returning to the United States last year.

He was first was misidentified when he was charged with inappropriately touching a female orderly at a psychiatric hospital. In August 2008, he was sentenced to 100 days in prison.

This is not the first time someone has been misidentified an an illegal immigrant, a few months ago a Puerto Rican man was almost deported to Mexico.

According to reports Lyttle, 33 ended up being sent to prisons in Honduras and Guatemala before he was finally able to convince authorities there that he was, in fact, an American.

Authorities did not try to check Lyttle's birth certificate or contact his family before deporting him, according to the Observer's examination the paper trail.

However, Lyttle signed several documents that cemented his impending deportation, including an acknowledgment that he was a citizen of Mexico and an agreement to be voluntarily removed to Mexico. Lyttle said he didn't understand the paperwork and he was confused because he is bipolar.

The lawsuit also alleges discrimination because Lyttle is of Puerto Rican descent and looks Hispanic.

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