Liger Cubs Created at Taiwan Zoo

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A private zoo keeper in Taiwan is under investigation for breeding a lion and a tiger producing two 'liger' cubs. Watch footage of the cute cubs after the jump.

Zoo keeper Huang Kuo-nan says he didn't breed the female Bengal tiger, Beauty, and male African lion, Simba, on purpose. He insists that the pair grew up together in the same cage since they were cubs and three years ago began mating.

Beauty gave birth to triplets, but only two of the liger cubs survived. The two cubs do not have the ability to reproduce. Their mother made no attempt to care for them, so they are cared for by workers.

'Usually when a lion and a tiger are kept together, they will for sure attack each other to death, but these two have been spending time together since they were small,' Huang said.Breeding two rare protected animals is illegal in Taiwan and, if convicted, Huang may be charged $1,561.30.

Do you think this is wrong or just a natural part of life?

Liger Cubs Created at Taiwan Zoo.
Liger Cubs Created at Taiwan Zoo.
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Terra USA/Marilyn Dominguez