How to Maximize Business Growth (Infographic)

23 Dec 2012
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Once you've started a business, you've got to learn how to grow it.

This week, I chatted with entrepreneur Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor the Success, a women's networking group, during a Google Hangout about business growth. You can watch an archive of our full chat here. We covered a lot of ground -- everything from building your company's brand to learning how to polish your sales abilities.

Watching the chat was Lisa Nelson, an artist who creates "visual summaries" through her company, See In Colors, of Lanham, Md. Using pictures and text, she captured our conversation about how to maximize growth. She's allowed us to reprint her visual summary below. .simplemodal-container {position:absolute !important; height: 700px !important; width: 890px; top:500px !important;}.modal .ModalClose {margin:-15px -15px 0 0 !important; z-index:99999999;}.ModalClose {float:right; display:block; height:36px; width:36px; background:url(/iglobal/sprite.11.png) -291px -48px no-repeat; margin:-20px -20px 0 0; cursor:pointer;}   Tweet Tweet



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