Gumby Bandit Robs Convenience Store

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A man dressed as our lovable green friend, Gumby, not only attempted to rob a convenience store, but he even turned himself in. This story couldn't be made up even if we wanted to.

The San Diego Police department must have had a few laughs when surveillance video came in with a costumed man demanding cash at a 7-Eleven on September 5th.

A man dressed as the green claymation character walked into the store with another suspect in regular civilian clothes and no mask. The Gumby bandit demanded cash from the clerk, but he wasn't taken seriously. The clerk said he was busy, thinking it was all a joke.

That's when the robber put his hand in his pocket searching for what may have been a weapon, but only dropped a few cents on the ground. He attempted to pick up the spare change, but left instead when his friend called him out of the store.

The San Diego Police were able to identify the unmasked accomplice as Jason Giramma with the help of Crimestoppers. With Giramma's name in place, it was only a matter of time before they discovered who was behind the Gumby costume, 19-year-old Jacob Kiss.

Jacob Kiss and Jason Giramma both turned themselves in and brought their Gumby disguise with them. Now it's up to the district attorney to decide the fate of these teenagers.

Gumby Bandit Robs Convenience Store.
Gumby Bandit Robs Convenience Store.
Photo: AP
Terra/Marilyn Dominguez