september 01, 2010 • 04:24 PM

Discover Urban Art With White Train

Discover Urban Art with White Train.
Foto: Cristian Valbuena & Maxine Medina/Terra USA

Have you heard of White Train yet? If you haven't, then it's time you did.

Founded in November 2009 by Brooklyn natives, Cristian Valbuena and Maxine Medina, White Train is an "urban agency" dedicated to discovering and empowering talented urban artists, and providing them with the tools necessary to promote their work. In its first two months alone, White Train caught the attention of hundreds of urban art enthusiasts throughout NYC. "We are very pleased with our results thus far and the acceptance we have received from the urban community. As we move forward, we hope to change the game in this fast-growing market of undiscovered talent", states Cristian.

And now these Latino entrepreneurs are taking it to the next level with what was the second in a three-part series of gallery events titled Create. Collaborate. Inspire.

"Collaborate" was held this past Friday, August 27th at Space on White in downtown Manhattan. All of the artwork was beyond impressive! Among the up-and-coming artists and photographers featured were fellow Latinos: Juan Pinto, Kai Margarida-Ramirez, Oliver Rios, Wonder Lee, Sean 9 Lugo and Louisa Garcia. From detailed pieces constructed strictly out of Metrocards, to ones inspired by Mexican folk art, to those incorporating stenciled "hand" text, White Train is teaching the world that today's urban art goes far beyond the days of street graffiti. It is pure, raw talent at its finest. To attend one of these events or browse through the White Train website is to open your mind to a new world of artistic vision.

But it wasn't just the art that impressed us. It was a pleasure to be greeted by Maxine and Cristian, who were so passionate and energetic that they took it upon themselves to impart their knowledge of urban art to each person individually. They also took some time to express the inspiration behind White Train.

As they were helping a friend create a T-shirt line, the idea of starting an urban art agency dawned on them after realizing that many artists lack basic business know-how. Now White Train's ultimate goal is to allow artists to do what they do best and focus on their passion. According to Maxine: "Growing up in NYC, urban art was very close to my heart and the need to provide advisory resources is desperately needed within this industry. With White Train, we not only hope to fill this gap but also hope to attract new followers to this emerging market".

It would be well worth your time to keep an eye on White Train and the artists it represents. To learn more, check out their website at or follow them on Facebook ( and Twitter (

And make sure to stay tuned for details on their next event taking place in December!

Terra USA/Claudia Frias