Democrat: Barack Obama will change his strategy

7 Nov 2012
updated at 16h08
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The Democrats are celebrating. But, President Barack Obama will go from celebrating to work because there is no time to lose to reach the goal.

Top on Obama's To Do List is creating jobs.
Top on Obama's To Do List is creating jobs.
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For Henry Crespo, Vice president of the Democratic Party association in Miami-Dade in Florida, the accomplishments he had to fix the current crisis gave Obama the victory.

"Our economy has recovered. A decade of war has ended. A long campaign has finished," were the words form Obama on Tuesday night, before continuing his term.

But, moving forward, there are still a lot of political challenges.

Considering that the Democrats will still not have a majority in Congress, at least in the House of Representatives. Crespo is of the opinion that "Obama will change his strategy, he will be more agressive to win over those who voted for him. He might invite his district representatives to intercede in his defense and in this way win over the Lower House; there is no doubt the Republicans will try to turn down the Democratic agenda."

The composition of the House of Representatives is expected to be the following: 231 Rpeublicans, 191 Democrats.

Crespo affirmed that Obama has his priorities clear. In Obama's To Do List is creating lists. Also high in the priorities is creating a million new positions through technological manufacturing and 100,000 new jobs for math and science teachers.

The results state by state

He also hopes to increase the taxes of those that win more than $250,000 a year and close the legal loopholes for big corporations while lowering the taxes on the middle class. This plan is designed to generate more income while helping to reduce the deficit.

The minorities spoke

On the other hand, the electoral results form yesterday reflect a country that is changing because "the victory is do in large past due to the Hispanic vote," said Crespo in an interview with Terra.

Electoral exit polls from Latino Decisions confirm that the support of the Hispanic population for Obama rose to 75 percent , the most support for an American president since Bill Clinton in 1996. The biggest margin obtained by Obama over his rival was in Massachusetts, where Obama won 89 percent of the Hispanic vote compared to only 10 percent by his opponent.

According to Crespo this phenomenon "cannot be taken lightly, because it signifies a tendency that if it continues the democrats will have the White House because there are less Hispanics that identify with the Republican Party.

This election is also a mandate because the immigration issue cannot be ignored, although it was the economy that really weighed during the elections. At the same time, the large turnout in voting by Hispanics means that it would be "litte intelligent" for Rpeublicans not to reach a consensus in immigration reform.

Regardless, he was hopeful that if Obama continued with the motivation he has had to exit the crisis, Congress would soon be recovered by the Demcorats.

The result was not only a result of the Hispanic voters but also African-Americans voters who gave a resounding support to Obama with 90 percent of the vote according to ABC.

In his victory speech Obama made it clear that he believes "we can continue to keep our promises to our founding fathers, the idea that if you are willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from or what you look like, or who you love."




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