Cruise Ship Tilting After Fire in Norway

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Cruise ship, MS Nordlys, has not only suffered casualties this week, but is also titling dangerously in Norway. Get details on this odd situation and the status of the ship's tilt.

Police Chief Jon Steven Hasseldal told reporters in Oslo, Norway that the cruise ship MS Nordlys was titled at an angle of 21.7 degrees, over the critical line of 20 degrees.

Investigators believe an explosion of sorts occurred in the engine room on Thursday morning causing all 207 passengers to be evacuated from the ship via lifeboats or when the ship docked. Two crewmen were found dead, while nine others were admitted to a local hospital.

Rescue teams continue to pump water from the hull of the ship to stabilize it. Police assured the media that they have stopped the ship's tilting.

Cruise Ship Tilting After Fire in Norway.
Cruise Ship Tilting After Fire in Norway.
Photo: Getty Images
Terra/Marilyn Dominguez