A Woman's Body Was Found in a Chimney

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Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac's body was found wedged within her boyfriend's chimney last weekend. Police are still trying to understand why a beloved doctor would climb down a chimney. Get more information about this bizarre tragedy and the community that grieves Kotarac's death.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac was a celebrated and praised doctor in Bakersfield, California. Now, her patients, family and the surrounding community are seeking answers as to why an intelligent woman would attempt to climb into a chimney to enter a home.

At the moment, police do not suspect foul play and believe Kotarac accessed the chimney with a ladder on her own. The home belongs to Kotarac's boyfriend and when she arrived on Wednesday night she attempted to get inside. Her boyfriend reportedly slipped out unnoticed and went to sleep elsewhere.

When Kotarac did not show up for work on Thursday morning, her assistant and her boyfriend went in search of her. They found her purse, cell phone and several other personal items outside his house, but Kotarac was nowhere to be found. They reported her missing shortly after that.

Her boyfriend spent Thursday night in his home, but left Friday on a trip to Europe. On Friday night, some neighbors recalled smelling a strange odor, but did not think much of it. A neighbor also remembered hearing faint cries for help, but thought it may be children playing in a nearby pool.

It wasn't until Saturday night when a friend of Kotarac's boyfriend visited the house to care for a fish tank when he noticed a strong odor and then found Kotarac's body in the chimney. Police were called and immediately began tearing the chimney apart to find Kotarac.

Do you think Kotarac could have really slipped into the chimney without anyone noticing? Is there more to this crazy story?

A Woman's Body Was Found in a Chimney.
A Woman's Body Was Found in a Chimney.
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